To access the RGW IRC channel, you have two options:

1. Direct IRC link

If your browser supports IRC (like Opera), or if you have an IRC plugin installed for your browser you can click on irc:// to go directly to the channel. This also works for some stand-alone IRC clients that are associated with irc:// URLs in your browser.

(If you are using Firefox or any other Mozilla-based browser, you can get the ChatZilla IRC plugin to use this method.)

2. Web-based

If neither of the above is an option for you or simply fail to work, try the web-based client below. It is serviceable and not usually blocked by libraries and centers of edumacation.

Freenode Web client

Go to this page to launch the web client. It is stable, fast, and easy to use, like pie.

Ops n stuf

RGR (Feb. 8, '13 at 11:43:17pm). On as _y, yrtneg, or Yrtneg_T

User:Benjamin Farias. On as benfa79


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